I was fourteen when I realised my love and attention to superheroes was, at the very least, greater than that of the average person. I was about 8 when I decided I was going to tell stories for a living.

I remember drawing (or trying to draw) some of my characters that I had come up with on the bus of a school camp, every day I drew a new character. Since then I wanted to write comic books and have them drawn, it has been my ultimate fantasy to see my work on a shelf at a comic shop, and to one day see kids dressed as my characters when they go to birthday parties.

Today the artist I hired sent me a sketch of page one of ‘Project Alpha’ a comic book I came up with in year 12.

It’s hard not to get somewhat emotional about these things.

  1. kazbotinwonderland said: I’m pretty sure I have photos of you drawing said characters on that bus. Feels like yesterday but also a lifetime ago. Can’t wait to read it :)
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